A 5k and an FO

I tend to promise pictures…and then never post them.  WELL…I have some for ya!  Yippy!

I’ll start with a pic of L and I after running the SLC 5k…we actually ran with each other this time!  Lance would normally go his own pace in races (meaning ahead of me)…but this time he decided to slow down and run with me…nice huh.  Well it ended up being a quick and fun race…the last mile or so was all downhill…hells yeah!  If it wasn’t for the 3,000 people running it we pry could have pulled off better times…instead we weaved in and out of other runners/walkers/and bikers for 3.1 miles.


…and now we have an FO (finished object for you non-knitters)!!  Finally something knitting related on here!  I have made a couple of these cozies before…they knit up quick and no seaming!!  gotta love that.  I made this one for my friend A who’s 28th Bday was this past weekend…she said one of her favorite colors is pink…so I made it pink!


(I’m a little embarassed by the Coors Light…all the good beer was already packed in the cooler for the BBQ)


Pretty nice huh?  I used the pattern from Michael del Vecchio’s book “Knitting With Balls“…you can find the pattern info here on Ravelry ….BTW if you knit and you haven’t heard of Ravelry yet…um where have you been??  Its awesome…get on there!

Well thats about it…but I’ll include one more photo…because I think it turned out really good and it includes 2 GM in our wedding!!


Thats L on the left, friend J in the middle, and friend B on the right…all three of these guys grew up in the same small town in North Dakota…and now we all live within 3 blocks of each other…in SLC…not kidding.


2 thoughts on “A 5k and an FO

  1. Yay for pictures! It’s nice when they actually run with you. J has run with me the last couple of nights that I’ve run, and I’ve loved the company… even if we don’t talk.

    Those koozies would be cute bm gifts!

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