Friday Hodgepodge


Well on Tuesday I commited to this:



I mentioned this race in a post way-back-when as a possible suspect…and indeed Lance and I are doing it…and one of my friends C is too!!  The scenery will be absolutely gorgeous…remember this pic


I’m going to try and be like the hula girls loving life while they run…but chances are I will likely be the girl way to the left in the blue…who just looks annoyed that the hula girls are having so much fun…running 13.1 miles.  Either way I’m looking forward to it…and glad I’ll actually have some running partners this time!

Its not until October but I wanted to register right away because of this:


thats right…a pint glass.. for FREE YO!  I collect pint glasses…its my one thing I always buy on trips..usually from a local brewery….so when I saw this it was a no brainer!

(all above pics from here)


I finished my slippers and felted them…and they FINALLY dried enough that I can wear them!!  YIPPY!  These slippers are by far my favorite ever …that is until I wear them out and they get holes.  I’ll try and snap some pics and get them posted….along with another secret Bday gift I’m knitting for a friend who’s Bday is tomorrow!!  Which means I need to get a move on and finish!!

Get Hitched:

As if I don’t post enough about weddings…  I’ll just show some pretty pictures from a recent wedding…by who else but Khara our photographer!!





check out more here!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

(Happy Mother’s Day Mom!)


6 thoughts on “Friday Hodgepodge

  1. I love the part about the girl who just looks annoyed at the hula girls. Too funny! If we’re not going on our honeymoon during that weekend, then I might have to run it, too!

    I wish I knew you collected pint glasses b/c we just took a bunch to donate!

    Love your photographer’s pics!

  2. Hi! I am the bride from the post you made titled “Red” and we are wedding photographers. I don’t know if you do things like this on your blog, but I’m running a promotion through the end of June and was wondering if it’s possible to post it on your blog with a link to my site or blog. It’s a free engagement shoot when people book and any package with us. Included is 1-2 hours of shooting time and a private online gallery. I would love to post it on your blog so let me know! If so, email me at and I will send you the image. Talk to you soon :] Thanks!

  3. As if we didn’t already appear to have enough in common, I too have a rocking pint glass collection. I have TONS, and the collection continues to grow, although I’ve gotten much more selective as I’ve gotten older (i.e. post-college). My favorite one I almost ALWAYS drink out of is my Flying Pig Marathon glass. That Utah glass is awesome, and I totally would have signed up for the glass too. No shame:)

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