So tonight is the McWedding…ya know, Meredith & Derek on Grey’s Anatomy.  I’m kind of excited to see what goes down…how it all turns out and what everyone is wearing….in the preview it looked like Cristina was wearing a purple BM dress!!

AND….previews for The Office (another favorite show of mine) seem to be teasing a possible wedding on tonight’s episode…Jim and Pam!!  What?!?

So you’re saying that on two of my favorite shows there will be weddings…tonight!?!?  Unfortunately I have to go to a dinner and will be catching Grey’s late already…can I possibly squeez in DVR’d Office before bed….ummmm ….I think I might just have to.

I headed over t0 The Office website to see if I could dig up more info on the “wedding”…and saw that ‘Jim’ will be in a new movie ‘Away we Go’…that comes out on June 5th!!  which just happens to be one-year before the Big Day!  I watched the trailer…it looks super cute…with a fun cast.


check it out here


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