Line em up!!

When I first went to a wedding where they did a slideshow…I immediately decided I would do it too!  I love the idea of showing pictures from childhood to adult, with friends and as a couple….all put to some meaningful tunes.

However…recently I’ve kinda fallen in love with another idea for pictures…



found here

Due to the fact that the wedding/reception is all taking place outside…it might be a bit tricky setting up a projector and screen just to show a 10min slideshow…  I really like this set up…with actual photos pinned up with mini clothespins on some rope or string or whatever.  I think this gives an opportunity for guests to look closer at all the photos and on their own time…maybe during the cocktail hour or after eating waiting for the dance party to start…or maybe if its by the bar area it would give the guests something to look at while patiently waiting for their drink!


found here

I’m not totally sure where we could put this at our venue…but I definately think we can make it work.  The wind might be an issue….but hell…it could rain too…so I’m just not going to think about that right now 🙂  I think on our next trip to see the site (hopefully this June when we’re back home) I will go armed with a camera and tape measure…get some stuff down so I can tackle this decor thing head on.


from here

soo…any suggestions?  anyone done this before and have tips on the type of clothespins/wire/rope/twine etc etc…..

(oh I just found this little post about the same thing….I think I’ll stash that in my google notebook!)


2 thoughts on “Line em up!!

  1. ooh – i love it! maybe you can make some photo mobiles and hang from under the deck area at Country Pines? that should be slightly weather-proof… i had wallets of our favorite couple’s photos made, mounted them on color-coordinating paper and had the hotel scatter them about the room – then people could take them at the end of the night if they wanted… a suggestion! 😉 loving all the fun stuff you are finding- wedding planning is awesome!

  2. (ah! that was from me – i set up a “work login” for our Truck$ & Buck$ blog, and now can’t remember which one i am signed in to… sorry for the confusion!)
    ~Katie B

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