…as in hair!  I have it!  and so does this bride…


I’m kinda loving the hair-to-the-side-low-pony-tail look…does this mean I’ll have to get bangs (gasp!)!?!


she even has a bright blue flower in her hair…love it!  (oh and obv I love the dress too!)

I’m still undecided about my hair…up or down…I am definately liking this option though…guess I’ll just keep on growing my hair out!

oh and a couple more pictures…just because I like them!


how cool is this…the guys are about to jump over the girls!

(you can see the animated version here)

and lastly…


love the pinwheels…and the light…gorgeous!

All these lovely images found via Green Wedding Shoes blog.  For more eye candy from this wedding check out Dana & Jeremy photography blog…definitely worth it!!


2 thoughts on “Red

  1. What a great wedding, I loved the pictures on their blog. I could definately see you in the dress and the veil, and the hair looks like you, and with the flower, you would think the two of you were twins, you definately think alike. I could see alot of her ideas are what you have talked about except in purple. The outdoor wedding, casual dress, casual pictures, etc. I liked the bike for leaving on. Very cool.

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