Oh My Buttons!!

In case you missed it…Darci over on With This Ring posted awesome and easy DIY’s this week using….you guessed it…BUTTONS!!  …and an added bonus….the color purple!

(remember I like buttons!)

Using this Snippet & Ink inspiration board…(how awesome is that grey suit…and the bouquet!?!)


Darci came up with some super cute wedding DIY’s…including these awesome wine bottle table numbers!

winebottle_tablenumb1(from here)

I’m not sure if we’ll do table numbers…but these are at the top of my list if we do!  I’m pretty sure Lance and I would have noooo problem coming up with…say…249+ wine bottles* by next June!

Go here to check out more cute ideas!

* ok we don’t actually drink that much wine…


2 thoughts on “Oh My Buttons!!

  1. If you really want wine bottles, ask a local restaurant to save them for you! We have a restaurant in our area saving specific kinds of wine bottles for our wedding, and our parents just go pick them up every couple weeks! Best of all…it’s free! 🙂

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