Go White….or Go Bright…

..that IS the question…  or at least for me it is!  I just saw this post over on Grey Likes Weddings and I’m so glad I did!  I have been wondering this same thing but haven’t really read much about it.  Do you wear white to pre-wedding  stuff


from here

…or not?  I know I’ve seen pictures of brides doing both… at the bridal shower, the bachelorette party , the rehearsal dinner…some wear white and some choose bright…  I’m torn.  I went to a wedding last summer where the bride wore a white dress to the rehearsal dinner and I remember thinking, “oh thats a cute idea” …but I also remember overhearing someone say it was “not such a good idea…too showy” ….whats that even mean?!  she WAS the bride…can’t she wear whatever?

Anyways…I’m undecided…I think I’ll just wear whatever makes me feel the best/prettiest…if it happens to be white than so be it…if its flashy and bright…


from here

…well I’m sure I can rock that too!

If you’re wondering the same thing definately go check out the post…its a good read with some cute dresses too!


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