Somebody loves me…

…and her name is Mini!  Our cute little orange tabby cat!

Mini and I used to not get along…she is very timid around people she doesn’t know…esp girls.  Not sure why this is…we got her when she was about 2 months old…and I never did anything mean to her…I LOVE CATS…esp cute little orange ones!  So I was kinda bummed at first that she would be allllll ovvverrr Lance….and barely give me a second look…

Well now she gives me “gifts” everyday….this is what I come home to…


yes…that is yarn…and one of my slippers.  She seems to really love the purple malabrigo (who can blame her?!…its like the BEST YARN EVER!)…and on this particular day she must have really been in the mood for a little sock yarn too… usually she brings both slippers down…but I guess she got a little tired after the other three trips up and down the stairs…

Thats right…up and DOWN the stairs!  I keep my yarn in our “office” upstairs.  So at some point she drags them out of the cubbies, through the upstairs hallway, down the stairs, through the entry way and leaves them right in front of the door from the garage I come home through every day!  …and if you think that is impressive (because I sure do!)…my slippers end up lord knows where in my bedroom every morning after I get ready and somehow she finds em…and brings em downstairs so they are there waiting for me when I get home!  Amazing!  I’m not sure how she does it…but she doesn’t waste time after I leave…once I was gone for all of 20mins before I realized I forgot something and headed back home… she already had one slipper down and waiting for me!!

I love that when I come home after a long day at work I have little “gifts” waiting for me…what can I say…cats LOVE me!

the culprit...Mini
the culprit...Mini

2 thoughts on “Somebody loves me…

  1. Hehe! Mini is cute! I´ve got a cat named Catharine! She is the more of 3 lovely kittens right now!
    I have also got 2 dogs. And 1 street dog that I´m takeing care of. Unfortunatly can´t take home.. 😦
    Animals know about true love!
    Nice blog!

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