so I just saw this pic over on {ritzy bee blog} …


…I had never seen mason jars used at weddings until I came in contact with the wedding-blogosphere…but I love it!  …and seeing how our wedding is an outdoor/country-ish theme…I think they would be perfect…and so so simple.  I was out at a local thrift store this past weekend…looking for an awesome 80’s get-up (woot woot for theme parties!)…and I decided what the heck…I’ll see if they got any mason jars…and wouldn’t ya know it…they had SHELVES full of em!  and at $.25-$.50 I figured why not start stocking up!  I only grabbed as many as I could hold in my arms…but I scored 4 big ones and 2 little ones for $3!!  (…is this a good deal or am I getting hosed??)  I definitely plan on heading back and getting more…I’m just not sure how I will transport them back to Nebraska…I’d hate to spend more on shipping than the actual jars themselves!?! I guess I could always fill a suitcase and check them…oh wait…that costs money too…

anyways…it feels good to start stocking up on wedding stuff…a little at a time.  (I thought I’d press my luck and see if I could find any cake stands…3 vintage/retro stores later and nothing…oh well…at this point I got nothing but time!)


2 thoughts on “Jars!!

  1. You should also check Wal-mart. They have packs of them for way cheap because people still use them for canning! You could have your fam pick them up, so you won’t have to transport them.

    What kind of cake stands are you looking for? You can find a bunch on Ebay, but the $$ depends on what you’re looking for. I picked up four in blues and greens. I figure I can always resell on Ebay!

  2. Steph,
    We have an auction coming up that will have cases of ball & mason jars. I should be able to get them for a steal. Maybe $1.00 per case. No need to puchase any more. You can experiment with what you bought and we can create your look here. Their are several sizes also from what I have been told. I’ll let you know more later. We need to check with Aunt Lila for cake stands. She gave all of us them for our birthdays one year, that she had found at garage sales. Do you only want stands or glass cake plates also?

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