a little this and that…

I realize I haven’t posted in forever…sorry!  Its not like I’ve been that busy… I just really haven’t had much to blog about!

I am currently working on a wedding-related project, a knitting project, and a running “project” …if you can call it that.

So there WILL be things to blog about soon…but for now I will just point you into the direction of a funny and very true post I read this morning over on “These Little Moments“…

oh and I recently re-discovered this lovely photographer’s blog (she shoots in Nebraska…woot woot!!)…and I’m LOVING these shots from some recent engagement sessions…



(this one is taken right next to the brewery we will “most likely” have our rehearsal dinner….hey I know its early but when ya know what you want..ya know what ya want…and I just happen to be a HUGE fan of freshly brewed beer!!)


(Loving the blue background in this one!)


This one is def my fave!

(all photos by leah lund …if ya need more go check out her blog!)


2 thoughts on “a little this and that…

  1. Hi Stephanie!!! Thanks so much for posting these on your blog! You rock girl!!! Have you found your photographer yet? I’ve gotten so many emails from brides, I didn’t know if I had talked to you yet. =)

    Thanks again! So sweet, and I love your blog, great writing style!

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