Well we did it…we booked Country Pines!! My mom, aunt, cousin, sister, and niece all went and checked it out …and gave it the nod of approval! So in a couple weeks I’ll finally get to see it myself….but there’s no turning back…deposit paid! L and I are really excited and all I can do now is cross my fingers and hope for amazing weather…oh and look for tons of inspiring pics for decor…finally the FUN STUFF!!

hopefully we can get some shots like this!!
hopefully we can get some shots like this!!

pics by Jessica Johnston photography via Style Me Pretty


3 thoughts on “Venue….CHECK!

  1. The venue looks amazing! Congrats!

    About gray suits– when looking for khaki, I’ve seen loads on them! Check overstock, Mens Wearhouse, Express. I’ve seen so many more than the color we chose. It actually almost made me reconsider! The whole suits v. tuxes debate all depends on $$. How much do you want everyone to spend? Also, expect that suits might need altering. They look better in the long run and can actually be worn again, but they’re not as cost-effective for the short term.

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