Friday Hodgepodge

Happy Friday All!!! …Bring on the hodgepodge….


I’m just gonna use this space to give myself a shout-out for running 4 days this week!! 3 miles each time…and outside with HILLS! EEEEK….yeah it kinda sucked at times…but somehow I’m killing 3 miles in 28mins (which is good for me…I’m slow…and short) on this trail…kick ass! Oh and it helps that I have amazing mountains to stare at while I run…


I recently finished something….but can’t post it yet b/c the recipient might possibly be reading this…but after she gets it…I’ll post some pics!

Get Hitched:

In the land of wedding planning….


In case you didn’t catch my last post…we booked our photographer!! I’m super stoked to have her…I have no fears of how my pictures will turn out….I know they will totally rock!!


ok here we go…get ready for Venue-pics-overload…

After scouring the internet and emailing several venues…turns out June 2010 is already getting booked!! (remember I mentioned those recently-engaged-blissed-out-brides-to-be….yeah well they’re out there…gobbling up everything wedding in site…) So I went into a semi-panic mode…(hence no Friday Hodgepodge last week)…and just started emailing every possible location…getting quotes and catering prices… yeah….not cheap…even in Nebraska! I realize that the reception alone is like 50% of the budget but L & I are pretty much paying for the entire thing by ourselves…and we are completely against starting out our marriage in debt. Neither of us have CC debt…and we’d like to keep it that way. So needless to say…we don’t exactly have a bottomless bag of cash lying around….

I’m gonna skip through all the boring mumbo-jumbo of explaining our wants/needs/blah blah and get on with our top venue option thus far.

Its a little place right outside of Lincoln called Country Pines. We like it for several reasons. One being that we can have both the ceremony and reception right there. Another is that all our out of town guests…which is like all of them…can stay in Lincoln which has more to do/see/eat than tiny little Fremont. The place is mostly outside (they have a barn type thing where you can be inside…but its not all that great and I don’t believe it has ac) with a deck-type thing that some cover. Of course I’m already freaking out about the possibility of rain…but the lady I spoke with (its a husband and wife duo that own it) said they put up tent type things when there is a 50% chance of rain or more…and we can always move the ceremony inside if its really bad. The thing is…Nebraska weather is crazy….even in June. One day it can be sunny 85, and then next rainy and 45. So yeah…that is something to think about. But I mean…I have no control over the weather so really there’s no sense worrying about it…whats important is that I’ll be marrying Lance and we’ll be surrounded by our closest friends and family…rain or shine.

I guess the best way to explain the place is to show some pics!

(the following pics are all taken from the country pines website)


This is the view from the back area looking toward the grounds.


This is a little area to the side of the barn/ceremony part.


This is the porch/deck type area…where we would put tables for eating and then have the dancing part later in the evening.


This is the view from that porch/deck looking out toward the open area where the ceremony would be.


This is the second story portion of the barn…where the bride and her gals can get ready.


This is a deck coming off of the second story bridal room.


These are some pics of the place lit up with lights.

Our photographer Khara has also been to and shot weddings out there…and these are some pics she has taken. Its always cool to see pro shots from a possible venue…so you can really get an idea of the photo potential of the place.


This pic was taken in the bridal room…I sorta love it!

circlecountpines1A pic of the open grassy area


The kiss!


The deck at night


Oh and I love this one…dancing on the deck!

So yeah…we are really really excited about this place. The price is right, the feel of it would be casual/laid back which is what we want, and we both like that its out in the country giving it a ‘Nebraska’ feel. The husband and wife couple seem really nice and very easy to work with. They set everything up and take everything down and pretty much give us total decoration freedom. Oh and I forgot to mention one of the best parts…and insanely budget friendly too…BYOB!! Yep…we can bring in our own booze!! Which is like…amazing…and sooo much less expensive. When I said that Lance’s eyes perked right up! The food options are like typical picnic fare…pulled pork, BBQ chicken, brisket, corn, baked beans….etc….not too fancy but I hear its really good! I think we could do a backyard/country/picnic type theme…relaxed and fun.

I’ve already got several ideas floating around in my head… of course we haven’t booked it yet. My mom and sister are going to go look at it tomorrow…and then give me their honest opinions about it. I’ve only heard good things so far (from Khara the photog, my friend S who’s friend got married there who I also spoke with and said she loved everything about it….) so I have high hopes. I would really like to go see it for myself but I won’t be back till the 18th of Feb…and Ben (the owner) expressed that he has gotten several calls for June 2010…in fact the weekend after ours is already booked! So he’s being really nice and “holding” it for me till Saturday when my mom has a chance to see it and ask questions….then we will pry have to make a final decision at that point and put down a deposit to hold the date. At this point it will take a lot of bad reports for me to say no… 🙂

Just for fun I put together my first inspiration board!! Now its my very first one I don’t have a ton of pics built up yet…but I tried to pull some of my favorite looks with some outside inspiration pics.


row 1: can’t remember, jennifer brum, saladito’s flickr photos via a farmhouse wedding

row 2: browers photography, amy squires, not sure

row 3: style me pretty, jcrew, punam bean photography

Soooo….what do you think?  like or no like??

Have a good weekend!!


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