Friday Hodgepodge -The Return ed.

I’m BAAAAACCCCCKKKKK….or at least I’m going to try really really hard to be…  🙂

so on with the Hodgepodge shall we…


Well right now I’m trying to figure out my next race (1/2 marathon) to train for… I may have mentioned that I was thinking of doing the SLC 1/2…which is in April…which means I would have to start training on um…MONDAY!  Yeah…I’m not sure if I’m ready for that…well actually I WOULD be ready if the valley wasn’t a haze of disgusting pollution right now…pry not so good for the lungs.  So I’m still debating…we joined the 24hr fitness out here so I’ve been getting some runs in..on the dreadmill…ugh.

The other race I’m looking at is one that Lance really wants to do.  Its in Moab which is just BEAUTIFUL and would be super amazing I think…but its not till october which means no training till the end of summer.

see...they're having fun!
see...they're having fun!

image from here

So yeah…still debating…I think I”ll be getting the itch to train once the weather is maybe I’ll just train for some 10ks or something…


Not too much on the knitting front.  I was excited to finally unpack all my yarn and books…I love rediscovering my “stash” and looking through my pattern books.  I haven’t started anything new yet.  However…now that I’m back in Salt Lake I see my knitting friend C every day at work..and so thats definitely getting me in the mood to do some knitting…AND…we’ve already talked about getting together at least a couple times a month to knit..maybe more!  I also want to plan a knit night soon…so stay tuned to see what goes on the needles next!

Get Hitched:

Like I mentioned in the last is time for me to GET GOING with this planning stuff.  I “think” we have a pretty good date in mind..or at least a time frame.  We discussed it with L’s family over the holiday and although his mom didn’t seem to understand why we wanted to wait till spring 2010…I think she finally accepted it.

So the big thing I’m concerned with right now is figuring out a venue.  My hometown is small…there isn’t exactly a lot of options for receptions.  Omaha is close by…but if we get married in my home church everyone would have drive there for the reception…and then where does everyone stay…Omaha?  Or do I just have everything in Omaha…skip the church all together?  Well and then there’s Lincoln options if we’re going that route… I’ve done some looking online at different venues and really nothing has jumped out at me as “OMG…THIS IS IT!!!”  We don’t want the hotel-ballroom reception…and outside could be a problem in spring with Nebraska weather.  I hate all the restrictions on most places …like you MUST use this caterer… NO candles…OVER by 11pm…  I want to have the most freedom possible…which I’m not sure IS possible… unless I happen to discover a long lost relative that lives in a house with a ginormous backyard with a cornfield.

So yeah…this is the one thing I want to get booked/figured out soon.  I feel like I really can’t do anything else till we get this part done.  I need to plan a trip back to Nebraska so I can actually go and SEE some places …not just online photos…and talk with venders in person not just over email or phone.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions??  Did anyone else have a hard time picking a venue??  Anyone know of an amazing Omaha area venue??

well I can’t end this hodgepodge post without some pretty pictures…

I saw this board over on With This Ring…and am SERIOUSLY thinking of adding gray in the color mix…perhaps using less purple…

gray-and-greenwiththisringfrom With this Ring…

I sorta love the idea of gray bridesmaid dresses…you could totally wear those again right?!

oh and that couple in the top middle…yeah its the same bride with the amazing green shoes that I posted here

some more pics from that wedding for your viewing pleasure…via Amy Squires blog


I’m really liking the gray suit!


Don’t ya just love those green and gray ribbons?!

OK thats all for now!


4 thoughts on “Friday Hodgepodge -The Return ed.

  1. Moab would be a fun one, and October wouldn’t be too hot. You could run the Steamboat 1/2– I just signed up today (and gave up the full marathon idea when I realized I only have 5 1/2 months.)

    LOVE that wedding! The gray would be really pretty, too. You’re right… the girls would definitely be able to wear it again and add pops of color to mix it up.

    Venue searches are tough… think outside the box. What about community centers, golf clubs, large restaurants, etc. Good luck!

  2. hey girl! exciting times, and welcome back!

    RE: Omaha & Lincoln Venues– the Scoular Ballroom in Omaha is awesome. we were at a wedding there in July. We had our reception at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln – and though it is a Hotel Ballroom – they really do it up right. Plus, having it there, people can stay at the hotel and thus they end up staying at your reception longer. they were so great to work with- they let us have a food tasting day where we decided what to serve, and they even kept the reception going 45 minutes after we originally set the end time, because everyone was having so much fun…

    we also originally looked at Wilderness Ridge Golf Course – but our guest list was too big… you can fit about 200-ish comfortably there. they also have a wedding island by the 1st tee box where you can have an outdoor wedding, weather permitting — and i know lots of brides who have loved that. there are lots of other options in the area too– ooh, you could even check out the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City… (where is your hometown?)


  3. I love the green and grey too! If I didn’t already have everything planned in my current colors I would be tempted to switch! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am partial to the purple tulips as well. And I’ll be adding your blog to my daily reads too!

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