Get going…

So yes…I realize I teased a “Friday Hodgepodge” post last week…and didn’t come through.  I’m sorry.  I could list a million “reasonable” excuses but really…I have just been blog-lazy lately.  Don’t get me wrong…I WANT to blog..and I see pretty things I want to BLOG ABOUT…its just that once I turn from this laptop to my work computer…my mind is taken from pretty wedding flowers and dresses on my google reader to complicated fortran programs and piles of shell code on my ginormous iMac screen…(NERD ALERT!)…which just throws me off completely…

However…no more excuses…this wedding planning thing is attacking me from all angles… billboards all over town about upcoming bridal fairs…an insert in the paper a few weeks ago “The Utah Bride’s Guide”…adds on the radio… my friend Christy’s friend’s wedding invite on her desk…  its true…I can’t escape anymore….its time to get going.

Bring on the wedding mags…(mom wheres that planner you said you’re sending me)…I need to start making some moves…its peak engagement season for goodness sakes…I need to get some stuff booked before some other recent-engaged-blissed-out bride steals it from me (watch out…claws back in…there we go…)

I have seen several things on my fave blogs recently…but of course..I forget which ones had what and when..I need to get organized and I need to remember to save links/etc. to my google notebook (seriously…could google BE anymore amazing…)…I did however come across a “list” today (which BTW I’m a total sucker for lists…of anykind…if you arbitrarily write things down and put numbers next to them..i WILL read it) that I thought made a lot of sense and was kind of like a kick in the rear to get things going…

You can see it here

So here’s my request from you….dear handful of readers that are not blood related to me that I truly love having stop by …if you ever see that cobwebs have begun to form due to my lack of existence here…please feel free to comment away and tell me to kick it in gear…sometimes I just need a little push…

oh and YES…I WILL post tomorrow!!


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