The Look

OK so I have been SUPER busy at work…ALREADY…its only my 3rd day! Its ok though…the time FLIES by…unlike my job before. I have a feeling it will slow down once I get things going and get into a pattern. Then I can make more progress on that gigantic number of unread updates on my google reader…I think its around 900 now…goodness…

I have been hammering at it very slowly…and have come very close to just hitting the “mark all as read” button…but I really don’t want to miss anything! So during those few moments I have to actually read some…I tend to click on the blogs that have like a (1) or (2) next to it…its much less intimidating than say Weddingbee (298)…yeah…I’m scared to even touch that one… (if you are unfamiliar with google reader…do yourself a favor and check it out…but be warned…it will only fuel your blogstalking)

Well anyways…back to the title of this blog…I was going somewhere with it..

One of the blogs I always check when I see there’s (1) unread (while the others pile up) is 2 excited nests …you might remember when I mentioned the blog ‘an excited bride’ and how I was looking forward to Lynn’s wedding photos…well her and her sister have started a blog together as they both recently got married! …and so today Lynn posted photos from her “first look”…and they are amazingly beautiful…

I know for sure that Lance and I will be seeing each other pre-ceremony…I know some couples are for it, some against it..but really I think it will give us that chance to have some time just to ourselves and take it all in and calm the nerves…and can get awesome pictures like these…

the anticipation
the look
the look
walking away...together
walking away...together

(all pics taken from 2 excited nests)

Of course I can’t do a ‘First Look’ post without including Jessica’s pics too…from over at Tying the knot

almost there...
almost there...

the look
the look

(pics taken from tying the knot)

man…just looking at these pictures is getting me back into the planning mood…

I hope to be back on Friday…with an exciting edition of Friday Hodgepodge!


2 thoughts on “The Look

  1. awwww thanks for posting my pictures of our first look, i’m so glad that you like them!! 🙂 i hope that you get back in the planning mode, but i would mark all as read for weddingbee, you’ll be a much happier person! xo

  2. hey Girl – welcome back, and thank you, thank you, thank you for the info on the google reader. i am a nerd and couldn’t figure out just how exactly to keep up with all these blogs in an easier sense than bookmarking… you are fab, and i am grateful!

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