Its True


I do have a reasonable explanation for my blog-world absence…its called moving across the country and being stuck in a car for 4 days…but alas…we made it to Salt Lake!!

Lance started his first day of work today…I however decided to take this week off and start next week!! Oh yeah…did I tell you?? I got a job! …and let me just say that with my experience in the job world…it is ALL about WHO YOU KNOW!! Turns out my old research advisor at the U was/is in need of some help with research..and wanted someone “experienced” so he contacted me once he found out we were moving back…and shabam…EM-PLOYED! It is such a GOOOOOOD feeling…esp since I get to work in my old building…where I already know “the ropes” …next to my friends that are still students there! Yes…its almost too perfect I know…I’m sure ol’ JC had something to do with it.

ANYWAYS…so this week I’m spending time cleaning our townhome, getting stuff set-up, and just chillaxing…oh and finishing book 4 of the Twilight series… ‘Breaking Dawn’…it is SO GOOD! I kinda don’t want to finish b/c then it will be over…sad…

Instead of doing long-drawn out recaps from my recent adventures…I’ll just give you some highlights…

1) San Fran AGU…went to Alcatraz (freezing cold)…drank some good beer at Thirsty Bear brewery…hung out with some work folks I’ve rarely talked to and it was kinda fun!

2) PACK for move…

3) Christmas in North Dakota (frozen tundra)! Took Nori and Mini so they wouldn’t have to make the cross country trip with us…L’s parents will bring them to SLC soon… Flight back CANCELED…slight panic attack…turned out ok as we spent the night in Minneapolis and got to see L’s good friend…watched the Vikings become NFC North Champs!!

4) PACK for move…

5) Last days in VA…

6) Drive cross country…stayed in Louisville, KY first night. Stopped at the Arch in St. Louis and then Columbia MO to see my friend Shelley and watch the HUSKERS beat Clemson!!! Stayed at Embassy Suites in Kansas City (FREE happy hour and breakfast…can’t beat it!). Final night on the road in Denver, CO…watched the UTES STOMP BAMA…PERFECT SEASON!!!

7) Made it to Salt Lake…watched the Vikes get beat by the Eagles …boo 😦

So that about gets you up to speed with me… pics to come eventually…


One thought on “Its True

  1. Hi Steph, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Glad to hear you got to Salt Lake safely. It is great to hear you have a job also. The Lord does answer prayers. We missed seeing you and Lance at Christmas. Hope you had fun in North Dakota. We had a nice holiday season. Lots of Company.

    How about those Huskers? We had about 30 here for the football game. Chili, Red Beans and Rice and Chicken Noodle soup was on the menu. We had a great time yelling at the TV (because you know they can hear us). We had enough people to have the bleachers up. It was fun.

    By the way your Christmas letter came back to us, so if you would pass on your new address, I will send it on, so you don’t miss out on Jim’s clever Christmas prose.

    Hope all is well. I do like the green and purple idea for the wedding.

    Talk to you soon, Love Aunt Kathy

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