Friday Hodgepodge – San Fran ed.

So I’m going to San Fran for a conference next week…I leave on Sunday.  Its kind of exciting because the work I’m presenting has been by far my favorite project since starting this job…and going to this conference will pretty much be the last thing (productive) I do for this job.  I really can’t think of a better way to end a job then by going on the company’s dime to San Francisco!!  I have a friend from back home who actually lives in San Fran…but because of recent events she will no longer be there while I am…so I’m bummed I won’t see her but hopefully another time soon we will have the chance to reconnect.  Its hard living on separate coasts…let me tell ya.

SO YEAH..I thought I’d put a twist on the Friday Hodgepodge today and do it San Fran style…hopefully it doesn’t suck!


Well the good news is…the hotel I’m staying at has a work-out room…including the always dreadful treadmill.  I know I know…I really really WANT to run outside …but according to the weather…it will be cloudy, rainy, and chilly.  Plus..have you been to San Francisco…um HELLO…massively gigantic hills!!  uh yeah…I think just walking up and down those suckers everyday can be my workout.  Anyways…If the weather does cooperate you better believe I’ll be out there…dodging the locals…running around that crazy beautiful town.



This could be me…or course I pry won’t be wearing a head-to-toe blue outfit…but you get the general idea…


Whenever I know I will be going on a trip I google two things right away.  Local Breweries/Brew-pubs and Yarn shops.  (don’t judge…you know you search for your local beer fix too)  The last time I went to San Fran I had not yet started knitting…so I mostly was focused on breweries….which I think we went to 3 different ones if I remember right?!?  The one by the baseball field was the best…21st Amendment Brewery…ya know..just in case you happen to be in the area and want to check it out.  ( you can thank me later)

Back to yeah…I have been busy lately so haven’t had much time to seek out yarn shops…but I did do a search on Ravelry which has never failed me before.  I only saw like maybe one shop that might be worth checking out…is it just me or are there not too many yarn shops downtown San Fran??  I thought for sure there would be an endless supply of them there…so anyone out there know of some good ones??  I’ll be staying close to Chinatown so something w/in walking distance or a BART ride would be great…

Maybe its for the better….I just packed up a massive rubbermaid container with all my stash yarn…yeah its kind of ridiculous…I should really focus on knitting it down a bit before I buy more yarn.

OH AND its Christmas…so maybe I should be spending my cash on gifts for other people and not myself…since I did just buy myself a new camera and all…


So there’s a chance I’ll be able to make my first conscience trip to a Paper Source!  I say “conscience” trip b/c I’m almost positive my friend Shelley and I stumbled into one of these while in Chicago this past May…of course this was pre-engagement so I was oblivious to what the place was.  Which apparently it is like some sort of right-of-passage for brides to be.  I wonder if they’ll haze me when I walk in…or make a B-line toward me once they see the sparkly rock on my finger…  I don’t even have wedding colors really yet or a date set in stone so there’s really not much I could (read: should) buy.  It will be cool to look though..maybe get some ideas?!?!

and of course…they have cute gifts too…

like this mug

(ok I’m pry the only one that finds this cute…)

…or this game…it would be perfect for a girl’s night once I get to Utah…


and there’s these cute sticker frames…


and maybe its still too early but there’s this cute Shemergency pack that would be perfect for my wedding day for those unexpected bumps…


(all 4 images taken from paper source)

oh wait…that wouldn’t necessarily be a “gift” for someone else than would it…well actually it could…since me not freaking-out is always good.

So Yeah…hopefully I’ll make it out in the rain to venture into Paper Source!

Should be a fun trip…if I get a chance to blog I will try…otherwise I’ll be back next Friday (maybe) … with pics from San Fran via my new camera!!


One thought on “Friday Hodgepodge – San Fran ed.

  1. You must go to Artfibers ( they’re one of the best yarn shops in the city, right downtown by the Montgomery (I think) BART station, and what’s more, they’re closing their physical location in January (so this is perhaps the last chance you’ll have to go there) and having a sale on yarn up until then. They sell luxury yarns direct from the mill, really wonderful silks and such. Check out their yarns Tsuki, Ming, Kyoto, and Sylph.

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