Friday Hodgepodge

So I skipped last Friday’s Hodgepodge post…because I was watching my Huskers beat Colorado…thats right…GO BIG RED!

ANYWAYS…back at it…


Lets just skip this category shall we…

I ran yesterday…it was ok.  I don’t have any races in the immediate future…although I’m thinking the SLC  1/2 next April would be fun since I’ll be living there and all.  But thats still a ways away…so till then I’ll just keep running my little runs that make me feel less like a fat slob.


As soon as I say I’m giving up on all Xmas knitting…what did I do??  Well I casted on for a project!  Its a small one.  I have had this skein of Noro that has just been staring at me for the past year…begging to be knitted.  So when I was packing up all my knitting stuff for the big move (sad, I know) I kept that one skein out.  I decided to make a pair of fingerless mitts for my friend Sara…since I’ll be seeing her in San Fran in a couple weeks!  I really think she’ll like them…the colorway is awesome!  I hope to get pics of them up soon…maybe this weekend (with my new CAMERA!!  woot-woot!)??

here’s a pic of the yarn I’m using…


nice huh?  You can find the pattern here.

Get Hitched!:

Now for the fun stuff!

Well we haven’t made much progress on the wedding front…it has officially been pushed to the side as we plan the move.  Of course we have lightly discussed dates…I think the goal over Christmas is to get one solidified.  We’ll be at Lance’s parents house so we can discuss it with them (along with budget stuff…EEEEK!).  For some reason I’m liking May 1st, 2010.  Not sure why…it just seems easy to remember…oh and its 05/01/2010…very simple.  Of course…my little sister is graduating from high school that May…so it could be too much…to have family come for that AND a wedding??  ugh…I’m already getting stressed.  Oh and when I mentioned this to Lance, this is what he replied with…”hmmm…is Nebraska green yet that early in May?”  what??  you mean HE thinks about that?

So yeah…not too much on the planning front yet.  I did print off some budget stuff…line item things…just to get an idea of ALL THE CRAP that is involved…and let me tell you…if there is ever a buzz kill in wedding planning its staring at the budget sheet.  I mean seriously…the amount “alloted” for our wedding rings…DE-PRESSING!  We don’t have a budget set in stone or anything…but I’ve crunched the numbers…I know what is reasonable for us to afford (seeing how we will be paying the majority for sure).  Not to worry…I have ideas on how and where to cut some costs.  Of course there are some areas where I will definitely splurge…I just have to get Lance on the bandwagon with me!

ok lets see…now for some inspiring photos…

I’m loving the idea of Purple and Green for wedding colors…Lance loves the combo too..  I don’t want that light lilac purple…I’m talking dark ass purple, deep violet, plum maybe.  And a lovely bright green…think grass.



I saw this on Style Me Pretty during their “little black dress” thing they did…and I sorta love it!  The lime green is maybe too bright…but I love those purple tablecloths!

I also like this



It seems like damask weddings  are EVERYWHERE these days…I like the idea of throwing the splash of purple with the black and white.  I think I’d want more color though…throw in some green and we’re set!

I also saw this picture …


I like this color of purple for BM dresses…of course lance was like…”I don’t like the striped ties”  ok…no one said this was EXACTLY what we have to do…weirdo.

Anyways…I think purple…if done right…can look amazing.  What do YOU think?…be nice!


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