Holiday Tunes

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over…I can finally listen to my Christmas music without getting this weird look from Lance. At my house (growing up) Christmas music was kind of a big deal…I mean my mom has a massive collection…so I pretty much know every Christmas song that comes on the radio ( ya know, that one station in every town that plays ONLY Christmas music after Nov 1st).

I thought I’d share two of MY favorite Christmas albums right now…in case you are in need of some new Holiday tunage.

Sufjan Stevens – Songs for Christmas

well I pretty much love everything Sufjan has out there…so when I found out he had a Christmas album…you better believe I snatched it up (oh and I’ve already listened to the entire box set…twice…since Thursday).

ssxmasfrom here

Here is one of my favorite songs from it

Mindy Smith – My Holiday

This album is much more mellow…she has such a beautiful voice and I just love listening to this entire album from start to finish.

mindysmithfrom here

Here is the title track (skip ahead to 43 seconds to get to the song)

There’s also some new albums out this year I think I’m gonna check out…I just can’t decide which one(s) to get yet!

There’s this one

belafleckfrom here

…and this one…

warmdecfrom here

..oh and this one too…

wintersongfrom here

…and of course Rosie

rtxmasfrom here

So much music…so little time…

(oh BTW…sorry for the lack of posting…I spent the entire weekend laying on the couch, packing, drinking wine, and watching football)


2 thoughts on “Holiday Tunes

  1. Ha! I used to hate mom’s Christmas music, now Kali and I listen to it on the radio ’bout every time we’re in the car. Guess I want to make Christmas as big a deal to her as it was for me growing up.

  2. I have Mindy Smith My Holiday and the new Hotel Cafe CD – I LOVE both of them.

    Also fabulous – Sarah McLaughlan “Wintersong”

    If you don’t have it you will love it!! Enjoy:)

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