A little CNN…love??

Back before I spent my procrastination time at work browsing blogs…I used to read CNN.com from top to bottom. My favorite sections being Living, Travel, and CNNmoney. I came across some rather funny and informative stories today I thought I’d share…ya know…in case you’re at work right now wishing you weren’t and looking for something to do…

First is this story…about how NOT to act when first meeting the BF’s parents…or future in-laws. My favorite is Liquored-up Lucinda…too funny!


Then I saw this story…about cats and their owners…I had no idea they had cat shows! The Best in Show crew should definitely think about making part-2…with cats. (oh and if you don’t want to read the story…just look at the pictures…they are pretty funny)


And for all you Apple lovers out there…myself included…apparently stores are LOWERING prices on Macs for the holidays?! What!? oh and there will be special savings on Black Friday…so get out there!

Happy CNN-ing!


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