Real Conversations

Posting “Real Weddings” is a hip thing in the wed-blog world… I however will be giving you a small glimpse into the daily lives of L&I….

These are actual conversations that have taken place this week.

RC #1

setting: yesterday at breakfast

L: so what are you gonna do today at work…

Me: oh I don’t know…the usual…

L: …blog? whats the ‘Dilemma’ today…what to make for dinner? (laughing to himself)

Me: yeah right…you know I don’t make dinner…

L: you should probably change your title..since you don’t run or knit anymore…

Me: (giving him the evil look)

L: yeah…how about “Booze, Bitch and Eat”

RC #2

setting: today at breakfast…lightly discussing money/moving

L: so you’ve got about such-n-such amount saved up right?

Me: yep…but thats for the wedding..hopefully…

L: …well we could get married now then…

Me: (shaking my head) um no…that barely covers photography, dress, tux…maybe shoes…

L: SHOES?!?! …why can’t you just wear some you already have??

(yeah…he just doesn’t get it does he…)

We seem to get some real quality conversations in at breakfast don’t ya think!

oh and I saw these shoes..which sparked the idea for this post..

shoespurplefrom here..for $56.00….SCORE! ….I don’t think L will argue with that price…


4 thoughts on “Real Conversations

  1. L: yeah…how about “Booze, Bitch and Eat”– sounds like me right now!

    And, J said the same thing about shoes. No, that price shouldn’t be scoffed at! Too cute!

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