Friday Hodgepodge

…I kinda liked my Friday Hodgepodge last week….so I think I’ll try and make this a weekly thing. I will “try” to include something for each of my blog categories (run, knit, get hitched!)..hopefully it won’t be totally lame!


OK well I AM still running…no not as much as I was during my training. I took about a week off from all work-out related activities and started up again this week. So far I ran last Sunday and yesterday…i know..not the best…but it has been ass cold here! …and I’m doing Bodypump at Golds…so at least I’m doing something right…which bodypump…best class ever!

Back to running…well like I said…it has been pretty cold here lately, which is only about 40s but still… In the past when it was cold I would only run inside…in fact…I rarely ran outside until I started training for the 1/2..I would either run on a track or a treadmill. Well I hate the treadmill…hate it! I understand that in some instances its really the only option (like pouring rain/blizzard/30 below). Until then however…I want to run outside…except I have like zero cold running gear.

I am thinking about getting one of these:


It has a hole for a ponytail which is perfect! Found here for $9.99!

and I will probably need some of these too:



Orrrrr…mom…if you’re reading this….there’s a gift set! Perfect for that runner on your list this Christmas!


I’m not sure if this hat has the ponytail hole thingy…which is what I want (hint hint…mother)…but you get the idea.


Well I think we all know how I feel about knitting right now.

HOWEVER…yesterday I stumbled upon something….


I think I first saw this picture here...who got it from style files.

At the time I just thought…wow…I bet I could knit something like that (I usually do this with any knitted item I see…) of course its massive and how would you actually make that????

WELL…yesterday I stumbled upon the answer…



images from here

Seriously???…where do you get needles that size?!?! um yeah…I’ll take one set please! Wow…now that takes some serious dedication…

Get Hitched:

I have been seeing tons of inspirational images and ideas via the wedding blog world…but nothing is really “hitting” me lately. I think it’s because we have NO date, NO venue, pretty much nothing set except that we are actually going to do it…eventually! I did however see something that I liked…


…the ampersand. you know… this thing ( & ) … I think it would be cool to have L&S on stuff…maybe some type of monogram? or covered in flowers hanging from something …like this

slinitialspic by Jennifer Brum

I saw this on An Excited Bride forever ago and thought it was super cute…seeing how it is OUR initials too! I think it would be cool to add the ‘&’ in between. Any thoughts???

Ok well that wraps up today’s edition of Friday Hodgepodge! come back next week for more exciting stuff!

Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Friday Hodgepodge

  1. It looks like she’s useing broom handles? But I think you could easiy attain this look with size 17-22 needles & to make it easy on your you should use circs 🙂 I think it’s neat though. I may have to make one of those! 😀

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