Dear Knitting…I miss you.

So you’ve seen these commercials right…

Well thats sort of how I feel about Knitting right now.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting knitting…putting it on the back burner so to speak. I used to give it my full and undivided attention. We would spend nights and weekends together…watching full seasons of The OC and Dawson’s Creek I got from the library just for us. Sometimes knitting would frustrate me, not do the things I needed it to do, not turn out the way I had hoped…but we always got through it. Knitting understands that when summer comes around we don’t get to hang out as much…but once those leaves begin to turn and the cool fall crisp air moves in…knitting and I are back at it…hot and heavy as ever.

Except…this year…with everything else that has been going on…knitting and I are sort of “on a break.” I think knitting is starting to get jealous of wedding planning. Instead of getting knitting books from the library and renewing my subscription to Interweave Knits…my coffee and bedside tables are covered in wedding books, Modern Bride, and of course, Martha Stewart Weddings.

Its not like I meant for this to happen. I actually had high hopes for knitting and I this fall/winter season. I had lists of projects I wanted to do…yarn I wanted to buy…scarves and hats to make for Christmas gifts this year. Lance is still waiting on the slippers I promised over a year ago…and I have skein after skein of gorgeous Malabrigo yarn just calling my name. I actually started these lovely slippers in the most perfect purple color yarn from knitpicks…but I got frustrated after making just one sole…and quit. I never give up so quickly on projects…I don’t know what happened.

As sort of a last ditch effort to keep our relationship going….I cast on for a ballband kitchen towel that I plan to give to Lance and I’s friends T&A for Christmas this year to match the washcloth I gifted them last year. Its going ok…its not as exciting as it was in the past…but at least it keeps me connected with knitting.

ballband washcloth I made last year
ballband washcloth I made last year...yes its Vikings colors

I know knitting and I will figure things out…and we will be happy again someday and look back on this and have a good laugh. I know that moving back to Salt Lake will give me plenty of reason to knit up some warm mittens and that Noro scarf I’ve been drooling over. So the future looks bright for us….but for now…this is just how it has to be.


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