A Stitch in Time

so I’ve been crazy busy today…I mean I just looked at my clock and its 2..already..seriously!

I have the Stitch ‘N Bitch desktop calendar here at work…and I just now turned to today’s page.

Here’s what it says…(I thought this was crazy-fitting for today)

“In Estonia during the 17th century, knitting was part of an elaborate engagement ritual. To prepare for her dowry, every woman began knitting when she was young. If a man was interested in marriage, he would send an older woman from his own family to the young woman’s home with a bottle of wine. If the young woman declined his offer, she would send back the bottle unopened. If she accepted, the bottle would come back empty, with mittens or socks tied about the neck with a garter belt. See, even then knitting was considered sexy.

I have a hard time turning down wine…so it would definitely be getting sent back empty! (with mittens…I don’t knit socks!)


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