Time to spill the beans…

OK well I guess since I have a couple readers who are not blood related or close friends maybe I should give a little background about myself and Lance (yep…L=Lance).

Where to begin…

I’m from Nebraska..born and raised. I’m a Midwest girl and damn proud of it! I love Husker Football, Runzas, micro-brews, corn fields, and a lot of other stuff but this could get long… I graduated from HS in 2001 and attended the Universtiy of Nebraska (Lincoln) and received my bachelors degree in Meteorology in 2005. From there I had to decide my next “direction”..literally…as I had applied and received offers to 4 grad schools, one in Texas(TTech), one in Illinois(UofI), one in North Dakota (UND), and one in Utah (UofU)…so North, South, East or West…

Lance is from North Dakota…born and raised. He loves the Midwest too…and although he grew up close to the Noth Pole he says he hates cold weather. He received his bachelors degree from the University of North Dakota in Meteorology circa 2004.

So if you’re thinking that L & I met at UND…you’d be wrong… 🙂

When I started contemplating what school I would attend…. the University of Utah stuck out the most to me…the advisor I would have, the reputation of the department, the research I would be doing…so it was almost a no brainer. They flew me out for a visit and I was pretty much instantly sold…I mean the mountains are gorgeous!

Enter Lance. I sat in on a class that I would potentially be taking..it was a grad class so there were only about a dozen students in there..and one of them just happened to be giving a talk on El Nino… I instantly thought, hmm this guy is kinda cute…we could pry hang out. After class I went up to the office of one of the students who was giving me a ride to the airport and ‘El Nino guy’ was in there…and he introduced himself to me as Lance. He asked me some questions about schools and other stuff and we quickly discovered we had a lot in common…he was a huge Husker fan and had family in Nebraska as well. We couldn’t talk long b/c I had to catch my flight but I kept thinking to myself how nice it would be to have someone that I could really connect with so far away from home if I did decide to attend the U of U.

So a few months later I make the move to Salt Lake. I instantly become close friends with some of the other grad students in my class but none of them are really into football and seeing how the first Husker game was coming up I really wanted to find a bar and watch it. I found a bar…but didn’t want to go alone..so of course I asked Lance! And I guess you could say the rest is history…or the future?!?! Anyways…we are two Midwest kids that had to move out west to meet!

After a couple years out in Utah Lance received his MS and got a job out here in Southeast VA…and 6 months later I followed. We both work as contractors with NASA Langley doing research with the Cloud and Radiation group. (No I don’t have any answers about global warming…nor will I discuss it on here…thanks!)

We’ve lived together out here for just over a year…and now we’re engaged! We are not huge fans of the area (sorry if you live here…it is pretty sometimes…but we are just not meant for the east-coast) so if you remember this post the BIG NEWS is that we are actually moving back to Salt Lake at the end of the year! Lance got a really great job opportunity and we are thrilled and can’t wait to be back out west.

So that might explain the recent lag in blogging….

Not only do we have to plan a move…we have to find a place to live, figure out a way to get two cats across the country, I have to find a job in this crappy economy, go to a conference in San Fran the week before Christmas, AND plan a wedding! …this is why there is no date yet…life is too hectic right now to even think about it.

someday my friends…someday.

Sorry if this post was total lame-o…its just that I find when I’m reading other blogs I am always curious about what they do for a living and how they met their other half.

I will however leave you with a couple pretty pictures of what it could look like if we got married in Salt Lake…just a thought…


saltlakeleopetall three photos from Leo Patrone Photography

(I had to include the blue shoes!)


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