so I have a dilemma .

Actually…it stems from my problem with spending money…no I don’t go crazy and buy more than I can afford…its kind of the opposite. I sorta freak out when I have to spend money…like say more than $50. For instance…when I go to Target..and the total somehow ends up being $80 (even though there is like nothing in the cart)…I get this nervous feeling and instantly try and figure out in my head my new account balance and budget the rest of my money till the next paycheck mentally (yes…I do this WHILE I’m checking out)…then on the drive home I’ll feel somewhat depressed about the fact I just spent that much money on random crap! I get over it…as soon as I sit down with my receipts and record everything in my checkbook (yes my debit purchases…checks are so 2001).

I mean I’m not perfect…but I definitely feel like I’ve got my head on straight when it comes to finances. Ever since I was old enough to work I had a job, sometimes two and even once three ( I know..I’m nuts!). …it wasn’t like I had a choice really…I actually had to pay bills…like car insurance when I started driving (even though my car was a total clunker and 5 different colors) and almost always had to buy my clothes and anything extra I wanted like for going out with friends. I guess its a good thing I was raised like this…otherwise I may be like a lot of people out there swimming in debt with no light at the end of the tunnel. At the time I pry bitched about it esp seeing friends buying the latest clothes and diving around in nice cars their parents paid for…I’m not bitter…anymore 🙂

ANYWAYS…back to my dilemma…

So there is this thing I want…I’ve actually been saving up for it and thinking about it for the past month or so…and right now I have the money to buy it. But…I can’t decide. I mean I want it…and I feel like I deserve it..and I saved my bday money for it and L wants to contribute toward it as my Christmas gift this year…and I ran a half marathon (gotta milk that one while its recent). The thing is…I have to move across country…pay for a wedding in the next couple years…all the while I may not even have a job once we get to Salt Lake..and if I do it will likely be 1/2 if not a 1/3 of what I currently make. Lance assures me we will be “fine” with his income but still…my freak out mode is kicking in…

What is it exactly that I want???? (no its not a car or even a macbook although that would actually justify this massive post)

Its this:


The new Rebel Xsi. (oh and to make it worse there were like 18,238 commercials advertising it during J&K+8 last night)

I mean…I’m no pro photog but I want nicer pictures…remember how I said thats pretty much our wall decor? So I would def get use out of it right? …I’m sick of my tiny point-and-shoot and think I’m ready to put my big girl pants on and step it up a notch.

So any ideas/suggestions out there? anyone…anyone… should I not even be thinking about this right now? Or is the Canon not the best bet…go for a Nikon?

all this money talk is exhausting…

(pic from here)


5 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. To save a bit of money, you might sign up for Costco or Sam’s Club savings. I know that Costco has a lot of really nice Nikon cameras, and maybe Canons too, at discounted rates. It’s worth looking into. If you think you’re going to really get great use out of it, then it’s not a menial purchase.

  2. buy the camera Steph, I know how much you will use it, and maybe it will be a part of your future. Have a little Faith that the Lord will take care of you. He’s done a pretty good job so far.

  3. If you can pay cash for it…. do it! 🙂 I’m a Canon girl myself. 🙂 If managing money makes you anxious… check out http://www.daveramsey.com. His books “Total Money Makeover” and “Financial Peace” should be must-reads for the whole country!!!! (Seriously, another passion of mine is financial fitness…. I’m a nerd that way!)

  4. Get the freakin’ camera! (Just don’t leave it at the bar) I know what you mean about Target, though…also Wal-mart and the grocery store. Seems like I have a hard time spending less than $80 at any of them!!! (I think it’s the lighting or something…subconciously makes you spend more money)

  5. Thanks everyone…for advice/ideas and such! I will probably get the camera…just trying to find the best deals! Amazon maybe?

    oh and thanks Jen, for reminding me of the time I left my 6-hour old camera at the bar..never to be seen again…dang that beer!

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