Someones got a case of the MONDAYS…

….sometimes I feel like I work in that office portrayed in Office Space.

Anyways…sorry for being MIA this weekend…I was around…just not blogging…no real excuse except that L left for DC last night for some work-related meeting and took his mac…which is our only computer at home…and even though I want my own macbook L constantly tells me “we don’t need two”. Much like we don’t need two cars since we work together. Yep thats right kiddos…we live, work, and play together! As my friend Amber once exclaimed “JEEZ, you guys are like BFFs!” …uh yeah…isn’t that kind of the point.

(oh and we didn’t meet at work…if thats what you’re thinking…maybe someday I’ll explain our “story”… 🙂 )

So anyways…I was trying to get caught up on my google reader when I came across this blog via Abbie’s blog (both great reads…check them out) and my jaw dropped when I saw all Jen’s posts about BARN WEDDINGS! yeah…they are dreamy.. You will have to go check them out…but I had to post a couple of my favorite shots…

e_barn03photos by Leigh Miller

ccb_05photos by Sissel Byington Photography

c_barn05photos by tm photography

(all photos found on Green Wedding Shoes)

yep so my small obsession with barn weddings continues…and I’m so happy Abbie posted Jen’s blog so I could discover all these amazing photos (too bad all of the barns are far away from Neb)..thanks Abbie!

I also came across this Save-the-Date on Brooklyn Bride that made me laugh a little…


The orange cat looks like our Mini…I’m not sure if we could ever get our cats to do this but it would sure be funny!

So once again…a kind of pointless post…its just there’s a lot going on right now and I don’t have the energy to blog about it yet…so instead I’ll just pull things from other posts I like!



2 thoughts on “Someones got a case of the MONDAYS…

  1. I know exactly what you mean about your “case of the Mondays”. I get that same feeling!

    I’m telling you… I was drooling over all of the pics on Jen’s site! We originally wanted a barn wedding, but they were all outrageously expensive to rent, for some reason. At least I can live vicariously through others.

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