Make it a TALL one!

I love pictures! I love to take them (mostly with people) and our apartment is covered in framed pics of us, our cats and our friends. I never really got into art much…so our wall decor is pretty much framed pics I have taken from various trips we’ve been on and such.

The one problem we run into when going on a trip where its just the two of us is we have no one to take our picture! So we usually end up taking a lot of self-portraits which are too close up and rarely capture where we actually are in the background. …and more often than not these pics are longways (like landscape). When trying to put together a collage of pics it gets a little boring when they are all the same orientation…

So whenever we actually have someone to take one of us I usually yell out “oh make it a TALL one please!” So yeah…I have a strong preference for tall pics…and that was solidified when I came across the following ones. I LOVE how the photographers capture so much more than just the people in these…




Even in black and white…


…or the entire wedding party too!


(I can’t remember where I got this photo from…but if anyone knows PLEASE tell me so I can give them proper credit!)


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