OBX 1/2 Marathon (part II)

So I left off the last post with me enjoying a refreshing beer at the finish. …well I guess thats about it really!

Here’s a closer up pic of my medal and bib


Notice the pirate theme.

We ended up staying at the Atlantic Street Inn…we had a nice size room and really enjoyed our stay..it was much better than the same old hotel room and 1/2 the price! We were about 2 miles from the starting line and right in the middle of town so it was actually perfect. George, the owner, did a really great job fixing it up and if you plan to visit the Outer Banks you should def check it out.


Here’s me in front of the Inn.

Well thats about it for the trip…we visited Jockey’s Ridge and the Lost Colony…but those pics aren’t too exciting.

So I guess my goal now is to keep running…find the next race…and not go on a junk-food binge…speaking of which today I had Kraft mac-n-cheese for the first time in years…and it was AMAZING!


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