I’ve never been a shoe girl… dropping tons of my hard earned cash on one pair of shoes that I might wear like once a month…no thanks. The only pair of shoes I’ll spend more than $50 on are my running shoes…

However…I just may have to splurge on my wedding shoes…esp after seeing photos like these…

greenshoes1photo by Amy Squires

I seriously LOVE these green shoes…and that dress



Love the red too (photos by Amy Squires)

pinkshoesjefnewsomphoto by Jeff Newsom

purpleshoesphoto by Nicole Green

Purple is my favorite color…so obv I could not exclude these beauties! Worn by the lovely Jessica over at tying the knot.

Yep….I’m definitely going to be a colored shoe bride!


2 thoughts on “OH MY SHOES!

  1. awwwwww i am so glad that you loved my shoes! they were only $40 at bakers and they were the perfect shade of plum! i cannot wait to find out what color(s) your wedding colors will be and then see what you come up with for your shoe search!

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