Some photog love!

Wedding bells first started to chime in my head months ago after L so cutely asked me “don’t you think its time to start ring shopping?” …um YEAH! About the same time I came across some pics on facebook (friend of a friend of a friend..etc etc) that I just could not believe. I thought…”These were taken in Nebraska…by a Nebraska photographer ….seriously?…SERIOUSLY??” …I’m pretty observant and noticed the ‘Kabloom‘ written on the side of the pics…and immediately googled it and found the first blog that started my obsession with all things wedding. I mean I just had no idea wedding pics could be so fun and not stuffy-church posed. I realize now there are tons of amazing photographers out there but Khara’s pictures opened me up to this whole new world of wedding photography…

Without further ado, some of my fave shots from her blog. (obv there are too many to put so seriously go check her out…now…well AFTER you read the rest of this post duh)


This is one of the pics that I found on ‘the face’…so original…so vintage…so. darn. cute!


same bride…looking so relaxed and happy…I hope I look this amazing on my day!


I LOVE how Khara captured this moment…its so personal and they are obviously crazy in love.


Love this pic! (and her hair/flower/vail combo!) Her dress is amazing too..u better go look.

The next few photos just scream Nebraska to me…and I LOVE THAT…cause I love Nebraska…home sweet home!


corn fields…nuff said


wedding party making a bar stop between ceremony and reception…this is so small town Nebraska and an absolute MUST if we get hitched in my hometown!

kblmnebMemorial Stadium…once again…nuff said


(these are the pics I’ll use to convince L we need to splurge on photography)


of course we would never DREAM of getting married on a game day…if we actually wanted people to show up..but if we HAD to…I’m sure something like this would be set up. Props to Khara for getting the guys coming out of the tunnel…(its a Neb thing)!

One final Pic


I just love how she captures this moment from above!

Ok NOW go check out Khara’s blog….seriously…GO….this is only a small handful of what she’s got…

(all pics from the AMAZING Khara Plicanic at Kabloom Studios)


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