Nori & Mini

Meet Nori:

She’s a little chunky, a little hairy, but she’s my kitty…

I have always been a cat lover so when I moved into an apartment that allowed pets I immediately searched craigslist for a little kitten in need of a home…I saw Nori’s pic and just could not say no! She is honestly the most loving, sweetest cat I’ve ever met…she loves to get in L and I’s business and must be in the same room as us at all times. L actually used her to propose! Cute huh? She means so much to us and has been such a big part of our lives (she even took a roadtrip with us from Salt Lake, to North Dakota, Nebraska and back). I really don’t know what we’d do without her!


Meet Mini:

When we moved out to Virginia we quickly realized that Nori was lonely. When I lived in Salt Lake my roommate had a cat also and so Nori was used to having a friend around to play with. Enter Mini. I found Mini on craigslist and instantly knew I had to have her. I have always had a thing for orange tabby cats. She has a much different personality than Nori and loves to scratch everything…except her scratch boards (go figure) I should probably get her de-clawed… When we got her I actually named her Bella…but we soon started calling her Mini cause she was soooo small compared to Nori…the name stuck…and so Bella is like her formal name…but she goes by Mini.

Mini Kitty
Mini Kitty

I have a feeling these two will make several guest appearances in my posts to come…


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