Get Hitched!


So I may have side-stepped a little before explaining the third and final part of my blog title…oh well!

Its pretty obvious isn’t it?? I’M GETTING HITCHED! Thats right my friends…this little redhead found someone who actually enjoys hanging out with her 24/7! (ok well maybe not 24/7 but close enough) In fact today is actually our 1week engagiversary! My bday was one week ago today…I turned 26 (ugh) and L popped the question! A little bling for ya…


how could I say no to this beauty??? He did good!

OH and if you can’t tell yes…I HAVE been obsessively following wedding photog blogs for a while (love me some ring shots!!)….doesn’t every girl when they know they’ve got The One and are just waiting to be asked??? …ok maybe its just me 😉

…and maybe I didn’t JUST follow photog blogs…maybe I also stalked a few wedding blogs… which is what gave me the idea to create this! I had no idea such a vast amount of wedding planning and inspiration was just waiting to be tapped into on the internets! I of course held off till I actually got the ring…didn’t want to jinx it…or scare L away.

So now …Here I Am! so excited to be planning a wedding…and so excited to put all my ideas together on this little thingy here and see what I can come up with!

I’ll slowly get into more about L and myself…I didn’t want to overload a single post with my life story…boooorrrrriiiinnngggg… so instead I’ll just leave you (my one reader) with some blogs that I have seriously read from beg to end (maybe not quite in that order) and check pretty much every day.

Blog Love!

I think I stumbled upon this blog in the early stages of my blog-hopping…and seriously could not stop reading it…she just got married this past weekend and I can not wait for her pics!

Jessica’s blog hooked me from the moment I clicked on it…um hello..that gorgeous plum color! love it! …I think it was also her love for wedding pics and ring shots that got me…she always has a pretty pic to follow each post and because of them I’ve found several photog blogs to drool over…thanks Jessica!

Do I even have to explain why I love this blog?? She runs, she likes football, and she’s getting married…yep…I think we could hang out.

Of course there are several more amazing ones but I can get to those later… instead I’ll leave you all (singular) with a pic of L and I!

Go Big Red!
Go Big Red!

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