Daylight Savings-1 Me-0

I LOVE fall…love it…football, cool crisp air, my bday, foliage, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING…I mean whats not to like?!

However…daylight savings…um not so much. Sure, an extra hour of sleep is fantabulous…but I have cats…they DO NOT abide by a simple clock change. And seriously…dark at 5!?! what the crap? …its a little depressing.

So this little get-dark-early business makes running after work more of a challenge… the trail I run on is completely covered in trees (its VA folks)…and when the sun goes down…it gets dark in there…fast. I was feeling pretty confident yesterday that I could get through my 4 mile run without any problems…got to the trail at 4:30…started the tunes..and headed into the trees. It was raining a bit so unlike most days the trail was pretty empty, except for the hard-core runners I see there ALL. THE. TIME. (wolfman, crazylegs…) and at about mile 2 1/2 it started getting dark…not too bad…but I-better-pick-up-the-pace dark. Then out of nowhere three deer ran up along side me…I’m pretty sure I screamed but it was pretty awesome…and some random dude ran by me…looked back…and flashed two thumbs up. yeeeaaaaahhhhh…I’m sure he was just acknowledging my very girly screem…but I like to think he was complimenting my ass…

anyways…I killed 4 miles in just over 40mins! bad ass! By the time I got home L informed me he was just mins away from sending out a search party..seeing how it was pretty much pitch black out…

Yep…daylight savings is kicking my ass… I mean how can I get in more than a 4 mile run without night goggles on?? (oh and don’t even sputter the word treadmill, aka dreadmill, we DO NOT get along) Well at least this is taper week and not week 10…

Here’s to you daylight savings…for making my life a wee bit more difficult.


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