So I guess I’ll start this little blog baby by explaining the title! Lets start with…


Running and I have a serious love-hate relationship. There are days I love it…and there are days when I think of every excuse in the book to NOT run. I’ve only done a couple 5k’s up to this point but will be running my first 1/2 Marathon this Sunday…I know…crazy right? I was inspired by my friend S to sign up…she pretty much kicks ass and is always training for some race somewhere. We may not be the fastest kids out there..but dammit we finish!

I’ll be running this one by myself..along the outer banks of North Carolina. L (we’ll get to him later) will be there to cheer me on…but comfortably sitting on the sidelines sporting his Vikings gear …and hopefully snapping some shots that make me look like a bad-ass, hard-core runner…yeah well I can dream right?? I haven’t really set a “goal time”…mostly I’m just hoping to finish without:

1) dying

2) walking

3) loosing my ring! (more on that beauty to come)

Wish me Luck!

As for the blog….I will mos def continue running after this 1/2 (assuming I don’t have some traumatic experience scaring me away from running forever)…so I’ll be posting about my random experiences while running, pains, and whatever else running-related crosses my mind.


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