Now onto my little crafty side…


Almost two years ago I picked up knitting. In my second year of grad school I was mostly focusing on research and pretty much NEVER took it once I left school…I was done for the day. L had moved out to Virginia already and so my nights that had previously been occupied by him were now getting kinda boring. The cash flow was low and so I really couldn’t go out and do anything too exciting..and it just happened to be winter…which in Salt Lake is not all that bad…but still…it can get a bit chilly.

Enter C. A fellow grad-student who just happened to knit the most beautiful things out of string ( that I’m versed). I saw her ipod cozy and just INSISTED on having her make one for me. Of course…to the experienced knitter…constant stockinette stitch gets old..and so she wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea. Instead…she suggested “Hey…why don’t you just make one for yourself…I can teach you!”

And thus…an obsession was born.

Now my previous take on knitting before I met C was that it was for old crazy cat ladies…or grandmas knitting piles of washcloths…but believe me…there is so much more to it! Seriously…I could go on and on…but I’ll save that for future posts.

And to end…I’ll leave you with some recent FOs ( that means ‘finished object’ for you non-knitters) 🙂

cable scarf

This is the Cable with a Twist scarf found here

turn a square hat

This is the Turn a Square hat from brooklyntweed

Till the next post…


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